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Specialist Car Alarm Services

Our specialist car alarm services are for Guildford, Southampton, Winchester, Littlehampton, Horesham, Fareham, Petersfield, Woking to Worthing areas. We are members of MESF Mobile Electronics & Security Federation and are also approved by them to provide work for the DVSA Driver Vehicle Standards Agency and able to install Category 2 immobilisers for IVA Individual Vehicle Approval. This higher level of accreditation means that we are regularly inspected. We are also TRI Thatcham Registered Installer allowing us to fulfil any insurance requirement.

Expert Knowledge

Our expert knowledge is hard to come across, when you have an individual problem customers are usually delighted to find us. Similarly garages often turn to us for advice, as vehicle electronics complexities has meant that car mechanics often cannot diagnose problems, when they occur. With electronic systems faults may not be consistent and may be caused by other parts of the circuit away from where the fault appears to be. It is essential to have an understanding of the entire system, and also to be able to see how this is overlaid onto the vehicle electronic system, to be able to install and remove these devices correctly.

We have been in business since 2001. We have seen the market change dramatically in that time and seen vehicles become more complex with each new wave of production. We have been efficient at sourcing new products to match the new technology, we understand how these systems function and the best way to install them on a variety of different vehicles.

We can tailor our car security devices to your particular car and individual needs. Often customers are unsure as to what is the best option for their car and the best car alarm installation cost. Sometimes customers need to satisfy the requirements of their insurance company and at other times they wish to buy the best available system for their car. Our advice is based on your particular requirements and not dictated by price.


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Do you require a Cat 1 for insurance try our Autowatch 457 vehicle security system.


We have expert knowledge for a wide range of car security issues. Our car alarm services are for Southampton, Winchester, Guildford, Woking, Horesham, Petersfield, Fareham, Littlehampton and Worthing areas.