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Autowatch Ghost immobiliser

Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

0% FinanceThe Autowatch Ghost immobiliser is a different approach to vehicle security. Once fitted the vehicle remains immobilised until a unique sequence input is pressed on buttons already in the car. This is an undetectable device ideal for keyless entry and other CANBus vehicles, although unfortunately it is not Thatcham approved and cannot be used for insurance purposes.

Autowatch Ghost £399 fitted.

957 Ghost immobiliser installed Guildford, Worthing, Portsmouth, Southampton, Winchester, Midhurst, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.

Ghost immobiliser sequence inputThis is an immobiliser system that once installed is virtually untraceable. There are no visible components in the cabin area as the Ghost does not require a hole for a receptor or have a status indicator to flash and signal information. This immobiliser uses the original vehicle buttons located on the steering wheel and other places in the car to enable the driver to press a sequence, unique to the car and the vehicle owner. This sequence then disables the immobilisation circuit and allows the car to be started. The Ghost is ideal for keyless entry systems that have proved vulnerable to theft through adding a new key or replacing the ECU.

Autowatch UK

This device will only work with CANBus driven vehicles, and Autowatch UK have a specific list of car makes and model that it guarantees the Ghost will be compatible with. As Autowatch Ghost installers for Hampshire and West Sussex we can advise you if your vehicle is on this list.

957 Ghost Immobiliser

With the 957 Ghost immobiliser customers can change their pin input sequence at any time, effectively locking out past drivers or sequences given for vehicle servicing. Car owners who use an iPhone can also download an App for £10 to automatically disable the immobiliser through carrying the phone into the vehicle before starting. With the iPhone App only the customer will know the Ghost is installed, as it will work seamlessly without user intervention. This App will suit van drivers who may be constantly be in and out of their vehicle, and allows the phone in their pocket to atuomatically keep the immobiliser disabled as they move closer to their van.

This system is very secure and there are no indicators that it is fitted. There are no ‘tell-tale’ relay clicks as with other alarms and immobiliser systems and it benefits from a very small brain, integrated into the wiring loom of the vehicle making it very difficult to locate and disable, should a thief know it is there in the first place. Security is also provided by the system not using radio frequencies to communicate in any way, and is therefore not subject to the possibility of sophisticated code grabbing techniques. There is also no possibility of diagnostic detection should a thief gain entry to the vehicle.

We ensure that the ghost is fitted to the correct standard, simply because we are used to fitting security systems to insurance and Thatcham standards. There is little point in fitting the Autowatch Ghost if it is not fitted to the required standard.


This is a superb product but unfortunately it is not Thatcham Approved and cannot be used for insurance purposes. If you have been asked to have a Cat 1 Alarm, Cat 2 Immobiliser, or Cat 5 Cat 6 Tracker, installed then customers are forced to choose Thatcham products.

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This product is an excellent new way of providing security for you asset. We are Autowatch Ghost installers Southampton, Winchester, Guildford, Portsmouth, Midhurst, Worthing, Hampshire and West Sussex.