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BMW boot handle camera

Boot Handle Camera

Boot handle cameras are car specific and replace the boot handle. For some vehicles replacement parts take the form of a swivel badge or are placed in a manufacturer designated space in the spoiler. The picture is viewed on a replacement rearview mirror monitor, a clip-on mirror for a larger screen, or a dedicated on-dash monitor.

Prices of this product are dependent on vehicle make and model and customer choice of display.

Systems supplied and fitted from £399

Reverse cameras for cars

We fully install reverse cameras for cars Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester, Winchester, New Forest, Guildford, Hampshire and West Sussex areas. Our mobile installation service means we will travel to your home or work place within our service area.

Please inquire for your make and model of car, as these cameras are designed to replace an external trim, while still performing the original trim function. This allows them to blend into the exterior of the vehicle and look as if they were fitted when the car was manufactured.

VW Boot badge cameraA perfect example of this is the VW badge camera.

Rear View Camera Fitting service

We offer an expert rear view camera fitting service with wiring placed behind trim panels as it is run from the rear of the car. These are professional fit devices, as they require knowledge when it comes to removing and refitting plastic trims, to ensure the installation looks 'tidy'.

In some vehicles we will work with with the original manufactured designated position in the car, allowing us to remove a blank panel and slot in the perfectly made camera.

Landrover spoiler cameraSee the Landrover Discovery spoiler camera.

There are a choice of options for viewing the camera input, when driving. We offer a replacement rearview mirror monitor with 4.3in screen showing on one side of the rear-view mirror. This if often the least intrusive option, however it does involve removing the original mirror of the car.

For customers who wish to keep the car 'original', then a clip-on rearview mirror monitor can be chosen. This option also offers a larger 7in display which takes over the mirror when in reverse.

Lastly, we can also provide a dedicated dashboard monitor. These can be mounted on the car dash within the cabin area in a space agreed on by the customer.

Rearview mirror monitorRearview mirror monitor replacement (4.3in) and clip-on rearview mirror monitor (7in).


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We can provide mobile installation of your vehicle specific reversing camera Portsmouth, Southampton, Chichester, Winchester, New Forest, Guildford, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.