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Car Alarm Certificate Verification

We can provide a car alarm certificate for Chichester, Alton, Worthing, Southampton, Basingstoke, Hampshire and West Sussex areas. Your Cat 1 or Cat 2 needs to be on the Thatcham Approved product list, and also fitted to Thatcham standards for us to verify your car alarm and allow you to submit this as proof of security to your insurance company.

Car Alarm verification from £149

Car Immobiliser verification from £125

Car Alarm Installation Certificate

car alarm installation certificateFor us to provide you with a car alarm installation certificate there are two main requirements. Firstly, the device needs to be a current 'Thatcham Approved' product, we can also verify deleted systems so long as we can be convinced that the system was installed while the product was valid. The list only contains systems that have been submitted to the Motor Repair Research Centre (MIRRC) based at Thatcham, for vigorous testing against benchmark standards. Manufacturers then have to pay a license fee to keep their products current.

Secondly when we inspect the vehicle it must be obvious that the car alarm or immobiliser has been installed to Thatcham standards. This means all wiring needs to be made good and the overall look is tidy and well thought out. We also expect feeds to be taken from reasonable sources and not done in a way that interferes with other electrical functions in the car.

If these conditions are met, without further complications, then we can provide an insurance certificate complete with impression stamp. Please note, should your system not meet these minimum requirements then the verification fee is still payable in full, and no certificate will be given.

Insurance Approved Car Alarms

New vehicles produced for the UK market usually have a Category 2 immobiliser fitted at manufacture, for these your insurance company will already know this from their database of information about your car. Often with these cars no certificate is necessary as customers usually find that their insurance company accepts this as proof of the minimum level of security. However, please note that occasionally this is not the case and a new Cat 2 is required. We suggest customers ask their insurance company to clarify this.

If your insurance company is asking for 'Insurance Approved Car Alarms', then they are asking for a Category 1 system. Here the options are dictated by the car.

For vehicles with an integrated CANBus sytem you will require an upgrade alarm as this turns your Category 2 immobiliser into a full Category 1 alarm system.

Older cars were often not produced with security devices and for these vehicles a non-upgrade alarm or simply a Cat 2 immobiliser may be sufficient. Please ask your insurance company for their exact requirements.

With high value vehicles, insurance companies often ask for a Cat 5 or Cat 6 tracker to be installed. A key part of these systems is a yearly monitoring fee paid to a company that is active 24h a day, 7 days a week, for 365 days of the year. Cat 5 is a much more sophisticated system and the price reflects this. Again, please be clear with your insurance company as to their requirements for individual makes and models of cars. Alarms and immobilisers are different devices, varying in price and very different from trackers.

Find out more about our Autowatch 375 Thatcham Alarms to convert your Cat 2 to a Cat 1

Older cars may require a non upgrade Category 1 system - Insurance Approved Alarms.


If your system meets the requirements we can provide car alarm certificate verification. Mobile service means car alarms to your door Southampton, Basingstoke, Chichester, Worthing, Alton, West Sussex and Hampshire areas.