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Cat 2 Immobiliser

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A Cat 2 insurance immobiliser is usually a minimum requirement for insurance in the UK. A Thatcham 2 immobiliser is a device on the Thatcham Approved product list, and must also be fitted by and approved installer to Thatcham standards. We provide a valid MESF certificate complete with impression stamp for insurance.

Insurance Cat 2 immobiliser installed Southampton, Winchester, Guildford, Portsmouth, Bognor Regis, Alton, West Sussex and Hampshire areas.

Supplied and fitted for £199* (please see notes below)

Vehicle Immobiliser

A vehicle immobiliser is a system that is installed into the ignition system of the car and prevents the car from easily being started without the key. With this device a tag is carried along with your keys and before attempting to start the car the tag fob is touched to a receptor mounted in the car, this disables the immobilisation circuit and allows the key to then start the car.

This is a cheaper option than a full alarm system, and the best solution if all you require is a car immobiliser for insurance. We will provide you with an MESF multi-copy document where one is provided specifically for insurance companies. Customers however, should be aware that this device will not provide protection for the cabin space, and if the vehicle is broken into no siren will sound. It is also worth noting that if your insurance company asks for a Cat 1 immobiliser then they are asking for a full Category 1 alarm system, with integral immobilisation circuit included as standard.

Touch Immobilisers

This product is a touch immobiliser and relies on the driver touching a tag to a receptor placed in the vehicle. The receptor is usually placed on the dash or in an empty push switch slot, if available. The choice of placement is dictated by the interior of the car and what is physically the best option, this will mean that a hole needs to be drilled in the dash to house the receptor. Customers receive two tags, at the time of installation, and one of these can be carried on your split ring along with other keys.

If one tag is lost or broken then we recommend customers purchase a replacement from us. This is because it is necessary to have at least one active tag to disable the system before a new tag can be programmed to the immobiliser system. If neither tag is available then there is no other option but to have the immobiliser replaced by a completely new system. Should this happen to you, please remember that we will take out the old system free of charge, if a new immobiliser or alarm is installed at the same time.

Please be aware that we use different Cat 2 touch immobilisers from different manufacturers to keep costs to a minimum, (please see pictures).


*Extra parts and labour will incur a reasonable additional charge.

A Thatcham immobiliser is often a minimum requirement for insurance. We can provide a Thatcham Approved Cat 2 Immobiliser Winchester, Guildford, Portsmouth, Bognor Regis, Southampton, Alton, West Sussex and Hampshire areas

For a no holes drilled solution try our Sterling Excel Thatcham Category 2 immobiliser.

To programme new tags for Cat 2 insurance immobilisers see our user guide. (Temporarily unavailable)