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These 2:1 upgrade Clifford alarms are for digital systems already supplied with a factory category 2 immobiliser. These car security devices are a minimal structure without alarm functions or interior protection. This system adds ultrasonic interior sensors, and a siren and turns your cat 2 into a Thatcham Approved Category 1 alarm.

Clifford Alarms Upgrade supplied and fitted for £399* (see notes below)

These Clifford Car security devices come with the recognisable Clifford bright blue light status indicator with the branded name above. There is also a function input button for easy system adjustment, however ordinarily we will set up your system for you.

This system is ideal for customers who would, if they could, choose to have a 650 MKII but find their CANBus vehicle is unable to have an aftermarket security system installed.

Clifford Authorised Dealer LogoAs with all upgrade alarms your remote supplied at the time the car was manufactured is used for day-to-day operation of the new Clifford alarm. This means that your doors are protected through the CAN, but allows interior sensors to and a battery backup siren to be added, for full alarm functionality.

These alarms are actually supplied to us in three different types. We select the correct one for your vehicle and pre-programme it before installing into your car. This alarm then becomes specific to your make, model and year of manufacture.

Manufacturer Feature List

(some features may depend on the capability of the vehicle)

Additional Features

Please note all of these features will cost extra as they either require additional modules or extra time to install.

(some features may depend on the capability of the vehicle)


* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge as some vehicles require extra time for fitting e.g. Nissan Elgrand adds £80 to any alarm system, built motorhomes may need extra installation time, and door motor fitting is charged extra on a per door basis.

We can install upgrade Clifford alarms for Guildford, Southampton, Winchester, Fareham, Chichester, Worthing, and Romsey to Basingstoke. Car security devices for digital factory systems.