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X330 dash cam fitted

Dash Cam Fitted

We can provide your dash cam fitted Basingstoke, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, New Forest, Guildford, Midhurst, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.

This is the best way to prevent false insurance claims and incorrect payouts through confusion of events. Protect yourself and your No-Claims with a forward-facing witness camera including full installation and mobile fitting.

Thinkware X330 Dash Cam fitted for £199* (extra parts and labour cost extra).

Please note we only provide these systems fully fitted and cannot provide them on a supply only basis.

Dash Cam Installation Service

Our mobile dash cam installation service means we will travel to your home or work place, fitting your system at an agreed time.

Our Thinkware devices are fully installed and hard-wired in. This means there are no trailing wires hanging from the dash, and no need to turn the system on as filming begins as soon as the ignition is turned on.

We usually fit these cameras behind the car rear-view mirror, giving an optimal view of the road ahead and ensuring they do not obstruct the driver's field of vision.

X330 Thinkware Dash Camera Fitted

Thinkware X330 wide angle lenseOnce the X330 Thinkware dash camera is fitted it can be easily adjusted and tilted into position by viewing the 2.7in screen. The screen is a vivid LCD clear display where footage can be played back and viewed while inside the car. The camera benefits from a 140-degree wide angle lens, minimising blind spots and suitable for daytime and night time driving.

The X330 uses a MicroSD memory card to save footage, this can be removed and viewed on any computer with Thinkware's format free technology, meaning without the need to convert the file format.

Continuous recoding begins when the engine is started and videos are stored in one minute segments with auto-looping. There is also a built-in shock sensor to detect an impact and automatically ensure data is stored 10 seconds prior to the collision.

Should the power be cut in a serious accident, the X330 is able to provide fail-safe recoding using a capacitor backup within the camera.

We provide this system fully fitted and comes with MicroSD card, and quick start guide. Thinkware is one of the leading manufacturers of dash cams and we are proud to install this system.


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We can provide mobile fitting for your dash camera Basingstoke, Southampton, Portsmouth, Winchester, New Forest, Guildford, Midhurst, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.