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Engine Remote Start Systems

Engine remote start systems are becoming more common in the UK. Sometimes customers wish to have the car ready to drive before they reach the car, by warming the engine and generally de-icing, demisting and avoiding that bitter coldness sometimes experienced in the winter. Other customers wish to be able to start or stop their vehicle and have a level of control all achieved by a modern App on their phone.

Our prices include convenient, to your door mobile fitting of engine remote start systems for Southampton, Portsmouth, Guildford, Hampshire, West Sussex, New Forest and Meon Valley areas. We can also advise you on the best system for your individual needs and the most suitable device for your car.

Pager Alarm

For customers requiring a pager alarm we recommend the Viper 5304v. This system includes a LCD 2-way remote where the vehicle status can be viewed in your hand. For customers wishing to upgrade to the Clifford SmartStart system we recommend the basic 5104v Viper car alarm as the downloadable phone App means the hand held remote becomes unnecessary for day-to-day operation. Occasionally customers may already have a suitable alarm system installed on their vehicle (Clifford or Viper), and here we may be able to turn their system into a remote car start alarm system by fitting an add-on module.


If you cherish your vehicle and your driving experience then these devices are ideal. We provide to-your-door mobile installation and can fit a remote start car alarm Guildford, Southampton, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Chichester, West Sussex, New Forest, Winchester and Meon Valley areas.