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GPS Fleet Tracking Systems

GPS fleet tracking systems offer flexibility for business customers. Each of the results offered here, give varying solutions on price, flexibility and scale.

Some customers will be drawn to the no set-up fee option, as although these have higher ongoing monthly fees, the unchanging costs provided easier budgeting and accounting.

Other systems focus on the self-tracking interface with the understanding that there will be a dedicated individual watching the fleet using a customizable application accessed via a login screen. For these customers the goal is lower fuel costs and higher productivity by using reports, IN or OUT of area zones, and overspeed warnings.

Some customers prefer drivers to be unaware of a GPS fleet tracker fitted in vehicles. For this reason, our fitting is done as discreetly as possible, sometimes on certain days or where booking well in advance at specific times of the day.

Fleet Tracking System Security

Fleet tracking systems also provide security by allowing vans and cars to be tracked once stolen. Customers should be aware that this facility must be managed by the customer themselves, including determining the vehicle has been stolen, tracking it themselves, and liaising with police to give ongoing information on progress of the vehicle as it is being driven. A fleet tracking system does not use a central control centre, and this enables the monthly tracking costs to be significantly lower than for insurance compliant systems.  


We can supply and install fleet vehicle tracking Winchester, Woking, Southampton, Guildford, Chichester, Midhurst, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.


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