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GSM pager auto security

GSM Pager

The GSM pager is a system that allows your vehicle to send you notifications should the alarm go off. This is an add-on system that assumes you already have the car alarm installed, adding precise knowledge of your vehicle status.

System supplied and fitted for £299* (please note this is not a stand-alone system).

We can expertly install your GSM Pager Fareham, Romsey, Alton, Haslemere, Billingshurst, Littlehampton, Hampshire and West Sussex areas. Our mobile service means we will travel to your home or workplace within our service region.

Best GSM Paging System

We believe the best GSM Paging System is one that works on top of a self-track platform. We recommend the Meta Trak Shield Self tracked GPS tracking solution. This is primarily a fleet tracking system but can also work for individual customers who wish to reduce ongoing costs.

The annual subscription can be as low as £60 per year if paid for in three yearly chunks. This is reasonable as costs of other two-way systems can be higher.

However, the main advantage to the Meta Self Track is that it gives live updates through a website and downloadable apps which are easy to use and versatile. This allows you to be in full control of how your car communicates with you. You can set up a Geo-Fence around the area of your vehicle – ideal for when the car is being serviced or similar, you can also set over-speed and excessive idle alerts as well.

Should you be unfortunate and find the vehicle has been stolen, then firstly the pager will send a notification that the alarm has been triggered. The tracking system also automatically sends battery disconnect alerts, and tow-away alerts to your mobile phone (once app has been set up).

Once you are sure the vehicle is being stolen, you are able to follow the movement of it via live updates as it progresses. These details can then be relayed to police as and when it happens. With an older style text message feedback system, you would need to continually ping the vehicle to send back a static reply, this is then vulnerable to network issues, credit expiry and the possibility of you loosing battery life on your phone just when you need it.

If you are committed to keeping your vehicle, and are looking to locate and recover it quickly, should it be stolen, then this is the device for you. This is a fit-and-forget device that informs you when something is wrong and does not rely on you remembering to look-up the vehicle’s progress.

This is a system that always works and allows also allows you to be in full control of monitoring your vehicle.


We can advise you on the best system for your automobile and your particular requirements. We provide a GSM Pager Hampshire, West Sussex, Fareham, Littlehampton, Billingshurst, Haslemere, Alton, and Romsey areas.

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