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Imported Vehicle Individual Vehicle Approval IVA

DVSA IVA for Imported Vehicles and Kit Cars

An imported vehicle will require an IVA Individual Vehicle Approval, meaning it is fit for use in the UK. For this you will require and anti-theft immobiliser and this means a Category 2 Thatcham Approved immobiliser, along with a certificate of installation from an MESF approved installer.

This is usually, in most cases, a basic requirement for UK insurance.

An IVA is also necessary for kit cars, bespoke vehicles and very small production runs.

Approved Installer

IVAWe are MESF Approved Specialists and TRI (Thatcham Recognised Installer) and can provide a valid document for IVA registration and UK insurance approval. Our mobile service means we can provide a Cat 2 anti-theft device installation certificate for individual vehicle approval in Southampton, Guildford, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.  

We give customers the choice of two Thatcham Category 2 devices. These provide immobilisation of the vehicle until in the first case a receptor held on the key fob is touched to a mount in the vehicle, and secondly transponder immobiliser where deactivation is provided automatically without driver intervention. We can also install a full Thatcham approved Category 1 car alarm instead if customers prefer.

IVA History

The IVA is a pre-registration inspection, and replaced the Single Vehicle Approval SVA in 2009. This was managed by a separate Government agency called the Vehicle and Operator Service Agency VOSA until 2014. This agency is now closed and has been replaced by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency DVSA, which also deals with driver licences and vehicle tax.

The IVA, however, has not changed much since 2009, and still remains the way of making sure the vehicle is legal to be registered in the UK. IVA covers many aspects of the car, including ensuring that vehicles have the correct headlamp aim, emissions and seat belt anchorages. The vehicle must also have a suitable car security device, to come into line with vehicles in the UK. When vehicles are produced for the UK market they usually have a Category 2 immobiliser as a minimum fitted at manufacture.

Making an IVA Application

When making an IVA application the best source of information is the government website as it contains many pages of information as well as application forms and supporting guidelines. Please see the link below.

At this time an IVA is not necessary for European vehicles, due to the concept of free trade, however it is vital to understand that IVA rules are subject to change at any time, not just through updates but as the result of political change. In general, an IVA is mainly for vehicles imported from outside Europe and this process is interestingly not necessary for vehicles over ten years old.

For UK Government guidelines to IVA imported vehicles.

Satisfy your insurance company with a full Cat 1 car alarm also ideal for IVA approval.


Our mobile service allows us to travel to your home, workplace or garage or where imported vehicles are being stored. We install DVSA anti-theft systems for Individual Vehicle Approval for Guildford, Southampton, Hampshire and West Sussex.