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Number plate light reverse camera

Number Plate Light Reverse Camera

We offer a mobile installation service fitting your number plate light reverse camera Southampton, Fareham, Guildford, Chichester, Midhurst, Portsmouth, Bognor Regis, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.

These systems allow a camera to be added to the number plate area of your car. They are car specific and often replace a piece of black trim, giving this extra functionality without needing a hole to be drilled into the rear of the vehicle.

Price depends on make and model of vehicle, as well as interior monitor options, and may not be available for all types of car.

Systems supplied and fitted from £349

BMW number plate light reversing cameraNumber plate light camera for BMW X5 (2007-2013).

Reversing Camera Installation UK Spec

We ensure your reversing camera installation is for UK specification cars and vans. They are designed to fit perfectly and be as unobtrusive as possible. Sometimes the cameras form part of a black trim, but for other vehicles they can replace a clear plastic housing, with the camera eye always remaining in a square black housing. All of these units allow the lighting of the number plate to continue either to the side of the camera eye or as originally intended.  

To give the best viewpoint the camera needs to be angled down slightly, with number plate cameras this viewing angle is already designed into the unit and needs no adjustment. In most pictures customers should imagine the unit rotated so that the eye is looking down.

Reverse Camera Wiring

The reverse camera wiring is hidden behind trim panels as cleanly as is permitted by the interior of the car. Power for the camera comes from the rear lighting already illuminating the number plate and the monitor or rear-view camera is hard wired in.

Small dash mounted monitorShown is a small 4.3in dash mounted monitor placed in a position agreed with by the customer. Also available are replacement rear-view monitors and clip-on rear-view camera monitors - see 'boot handle cameras' for pictures (link below).

These screens superimpose green, amber, and red markings on the viewing screen while reversing. This means that while being able to view the outlook from the vehicle as it reverses, there are also distance lines allowing the actual distance to be gauged.


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We offer a mobile service with a low, reversing camera installation cost Southampton, Fareham, Guildford, Chichester, Midhurst, Portsmouth, Bognor Regis, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.