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Quartix Fleet Management Solution

Quartix fleet management solution for Hampshire, West Sussex, Southampton, Guildford, Chichester. Fleet GPS systems expertly fitted with no up-front costs and easy monthly management fee.

No up-front costs, low monthly fee of £15.90 per vehicle (minimum 12-month contract)

Including Dash Camera, no up-front costs, low monthly fee of £23.00 per vehicle (minimum 24-month contract)

Please note monthly discounts can be made by choosing longer term contracts.

Real Time Vehicle Tracking

With a login area, Quartix offer real time vehicle tracking to follow drivers on the road. With these systems, customers can control their fleet ensuring more efficient work practices, lower fuel bills, and improved driving styles.

The dashboard can be personalised for individual use and shows all vehicles on the same screen. By clicking on a vehicle an individual route map can be seen with a further option to zoom to location for seeing a Google maps detailed view around the vehicle.

quartix geo fence alertOne of the excellent features of this system is the flexible Geo-Fence facility. This encourages efficient work practices and gives alerts, either by Email or text should a condition be breeched. For example, during the weekend a 'Mandatory Zone' could be set at employee’s home location, avoiding the possibility of a works van being used for private work. A similar zone could be set during the working week to ensure a vehicle stays on site. This system also includes an 'Prohibited Zone' which could be used to ensure a city centre is bypassed or an employee is not tempted to go home during working hours. Different zones and times can be set for different vehicles to accommodate individual needs.

Fleet GPS Systems

Quartix fleet GPS systems come with the ability to see daily log timesheets for individual or groups of vehicles. These are presented in an easy to read format showing ignition on and off points where short journeys can be eliminated, for example within a compound. Timesheets are then delivered weekly, in Excel format, to your inbox. Weekly reports can also show, time on site, shift times, maximum speed and fuel usage, and data is retrievable for the previous 12 months for each vehicle.

There is also the ability to monitor driving styles for your fleet. Fuel savings can be made and risk of accidents reduced with these easy to use scores. Each vehicle's speed of acceleration and breaking is counted, giving an overall performance score. These can then be compared through league tables and distribution charts to show the best and worst drivers.

We also offer this product with a Dash Cam option (see video below).

We can install your company car or van tracker Hampshire, West Sussex, Southampton, Guildford and Chichester areas.

See a video on how to use the Quartix fleet management solution.

Vimeo Dash Cam fleet monitoring partnership.

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