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Viper Remote Centrl Locking System

Remote Central Locking Fitting Service

Viper 211HV remote

Our remote central locking fitting service is realistically for older or basic vehicles. This give the possibility of pushing a button from a hand held remote, then allowing all doors to be opened for example for a family group to jump into the car.

Viper central locking system supplied and fitted from £229* (see notes below)

We will travel to you fitting remote central locking for Portsmouth, Southampton, Fareham, Bognor Regis, Chichester, Romsey, Haslemere, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.

Convert Central Locking to Remote Central Locking

Being able to convert central locking to remote central locking means keyless entry. This is possible on vehicles where you can put the key in the driver’s door, turn to open all the other doors (central locking). If your vehicle is capable of this, then the Viper keyless entry system is a possible upgrade to your car.

Fitting this system will allow you to be able to press the button on the remote and all the doors of the vehicle open, without the need to use the key in the lock anymore. If you do not have central locking, then there is the possibility that door motors can be fitted. This is at extra cost and availability depends on if there is enough space in your car doors to fit motor solenoids.

Keyless Entry Viper 211HV Features

The Viper 211HV and is from a well-respected brand, and is manufactured by DEI who also make Clifford, Hornet and Avital products.

Installing Remote Central Locking

Installing remote central locking is not the same as fitting a vehicle security system. Therefore, if the car is broken into, no siren will sound, and there is no immobilisation circuit to stop the car from being driven away.

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) should not be confused with Remote Keyless Ignition (RKI). The first term relates to a device that unlocks the device from a hand-held key fob, whereas the second is a much more sophisticated system that not only unlocks the doors but starts the engine from the push of a button on the remote also known as engine remote start.


* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge as some vehicles require extra time for fitting e.g. Nissan Elgrand adds £80 to any alarm system, built motorhomes may need extra installation time, and door motor fitting is charged extra on a per door basis.

We can supply and fit remote central locking to Fareham, Chichester, Southampton, Romsey, Bognor Regis and Portsmouth areas. We are expert installers and can let you know if it is possible for your car.

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