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Cat 5 Smartrack tracker

SmarTrack Cat 5 Tracker Thatcham approved tracker

Classic car trackerThis device is most often fitted on high value vehicles and we can expertly fit your SmarTrack Cat 5 tracker West Sussex, Chichester, Midhurst, Hampshire and Guildford areas.

SmarTrack Category 5 supplied and fitted for £699 plus monitoring fee.

Vehicle GPS Tracking Devices

Category 5 vehicle GPS tracking devices are usually demanded by insurance companies for high value cars or vehicles that are difficult to replace. These vehicles are sought after by thieves as the possible gains are larger. Once a make and model of car has been given a Cat 5 allocation, that stays with the vehicle and is usually insisted by all insurers. For this reason, once your insurance company has asked for a Cat 5 there is no negotiation possible.

The system comes with two Driver Recognition System (DRS) proximity keys. One of these needs to be carried by the driver when the car is driven. If the vehicle is moved without one of these tags being present, then an alert is sent to the SmarTrack Control Centre and they will call the owner, to confirm the vehicle is safe.

What makes a Cat 5 different from a Cat 6 is that your vehicle will be set up for remote immobilisation. This feature means that the vehicle is more likely to be recovered quickly and more likely to be undamaged. Once the vehicle is located by police they can authorise the Control Centre to take control of the vehicle remotely through the installed system. With Cat 5 trackers there is no need for a high-speed chase as once reported stolen, the vehicle GPS device is easily sited.  

SmarTrack Tracker Features

This SmarTrack tracker has a host of features including the ability to be transferred to new vehicles on upgrade. This can provide long-term cost savings by having the device reinstalled (SmarTrack Approved Installer only).

This SmarTrack system is our cheapest Cat 5 tracker and provides all your insurance requirments when accompanied by an annual subscription.

The annual subscription monitoring fee for this system is £199 per year, paid directly to SmarTrack. For an easy to manage solution this cost can be paid monthly by direct debit for £16.99 per vehicle, per month (minimum 12-month contract). Customers can also choose to pay for a 3-year subscription at a cost of £570 or pay for a 'duration' payment of £599. Duration means the subscription is not transferrable to a new vehicle or to a new registered keeper. Currently, the duration payment is £100 cheaper than the future price of £699, however we are unsure when the future price will come into effect.

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Cat 5 high value vehicle or classic car tracker fitted West Sussex, Chichester, Southampton, Hampshire and Guildford areas.