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F800 Thinware dash Cam

f800 Thinkware Dash Cam Pro

We can supply and install the excellent Pro version F800 Thinkware dash cam Southampton, Winchester, Guildford, Petersfield, Worthing, Basingstoke, Littlehampton, Horsham, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.

This device is small and fits behind your rear-view mirror, with a host of features including night vision, and mobile phone synchronisation. Help protect yourself from fraudulent insurance claims with this excellent quality forward facing camera.

F800 Thinkware Dash Cam fully installed for £379* (extra parts and labour cost extra)

£489 for front and rear camera - again fully fitted with the supply and install of all cables.

Please note we only provide these systems fully fitted and cannot provide them on a supply only basis.

Dash Cam Permanent Install Service

We provide a dash cam permanent install service meaning the device switches on automatically when the ignition is started. Continuous driving footing is stored in one-minute segments and stored in 'cont_rec' folder, while impact detection stores data in an 'evt_rec' folder, 10 seconds before and after an impact is detected.  

thinkware app icon f800The view from the camera can be seen via the mobile viewer, and this can be downloaded as an App from the Android Play Store or Apple App Store. The App is called THINKWARE CLOUD, establishing a Wi-Fi connection on initial use. The App gives options to view recorded files, see 'Live View', or change settings.

Files can also be viewed on a PC or Mac, by inserting the camera memory card into a card reader on the PC, with files usually requiring no format conversion, however Thinkware also provide a software download if customers should need it.

Firmware Update for Thinkware F800 Pro

There is a firmware update for the Thinkware F800 Pro and this helps keep your device up to date with optimal performance. This can be downloaded directly form the Thinkware website (link below), the file is then unzipped on your computer and placed on the memory card, which is then reinserted back into the camera. Once the device powers up, by starting the engine, the firmware upgrade is automatically updated to the new version.

We suggest customers register themselves on the Thinkware website to be notified of updates available.

F800 Thinkware Dash Camera Features

Thinkware f800 featuresThe F800 Thinkware dash camera features are extensive, this is clearly one of the best products of it's type on the market. Here we list some of them, however it is not an exhaustive list and we recommend customers explore all the features through the App and PC download.


Upgrading the Thinkware F800 Dash Camera firmware with a download.

View the easily to use Thinkware X330 dash Cam fitted.


We will travel to your home or work place for the Thinkware dash cam fitted Southampton, Winchester, Guildford, Petersfield, Worthing, Basingstoke, Littlehampton, Horsham, Hampshire and West Sussex areas.