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Landrover tracker

Traffic Master Land Rover Tracker

Our Traffic Master Land Rover tracker is for Hampshire West Sussex, Southampton, Worthing to Woking areas. Our mobile service means we will come to your home or work place and professionally install your system to Thatcham guidelines.

Cat 6 Traffic Master Trackstar £269 (Plus annual monitoring fee).

GPS Tracking For Vehicles

Monitored Global Positioning Service GPS tracking for vehicles, means that your car is watched by a manned control centre 24 hours a day 365 days of the year. This is a necessary requirement for systems to gain insurance approval but also allows customers to view these device as ‘fit-and-forget’.

TrafficMaster Trackstar is a Thatcham Approved system designed for insurance purposes. This means that the product has been rigorously tested against benchmark standards by the Motor Industry Research Body (based at Thatcham). The system must also be installed to Thatcham recognised standards to maintain its credibility. We are TrafficMaster partners and provide expert fitting of these vehicle tracking devices.

When it comes to choosing which Trackstar product is required customers should ask their insurance companies for clear instructions. This is a Category 6 tracker and provides the minimum security for a fully monitored system. Also available is the Trackstar Cat 5 for high value assets (see link below).

When GPS tracking was first introduced in the UK there were close links between Traffic Master and the car manufacturers of BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover and Range Rover. This meant that Traffic Master produced trackers with different wiring looms for different makes of cars. This is no longer the case, as Trackstar is now one product that can be installed in any vehicle.

The subscription fee for this product is paid directly to Traffic Master and is provided via the global service provider Eurowatch. This covers all monitoring costs and is currently £168 per year or £450 for three years.

Trackstar Cat 6 Features

Trackstar Cat 6 features are very similar to other Cat 6 trackers, including access to a downloadable phone App. However, there is no ability for customers to monitor vehicles via computer.


See video produced by Traffic Master Trackstar on You Tube.

Read about the Traffic Master Trackstar Cat 5 Range Rover tracker.


We can provide expertly fitted Trackstar vehicle tracking devices for Hampshire, West Sussex, Southampton, Worthing to Woking areas.