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Range Rover tracker

Traffic Master Range Rover Tracker

Thatcham quality logoWe provide expert mobile fitting of a Traffic Master Range Rover tracker Guildford, Winchester, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Chichester and West Sussex areas. Cat 5 is a requirement for high value vehicles and we ensure these are fitted to Thatcham standards.

Thatcham Category 5 tracker £759 (Monitoring fee £189 per year, 3 year £549).

Vehicle Tracking System

We have been in business since the year 2000, have seen trackers introduced to the market and can expertly install your vehicle tracking system. Traffic Master initially had different wiring looms for different makes of car, so a Range Rover tracker was different from a BMW tracker. Now there is one system that can be installed in any make or model of vehicle, however customers need to be sure if they require a Cat 5 or a Cat 6 if required for insurance.

We find that some customers who have a cherish vehicle can also choose to have this superior level of security fitted through peace of mind. These Cat 5 systems have the capability of being immobilised remotely by the monitoring centre and should not be confused with the Traffic Master Cat 6 Advance. With the Advance immobilisation is provided by the Driver Recognition Tag (DRT), and do not have the capability of being immobilised by the control centre. If your insurance company has asked for a Cat 5 then they are asking for the ability of remote immobilisation. This is often a requirement on higher value vehicles, and once a vehicle has been associated with a Cat 5, then this is usually consistent between different insurance companies.

Traffic Master Trackstar Cat 5 Features

The Traffic Master Trackstar Cat 5 features are the same as the Cat 6 but includes remote immobilisation. The installation time required to fit these devices are up to three times longer than for a Cat 6. With the product also being more sophisticated and expensive to produce, this gives and explanation of why there is a significant price increase.

With Traffic Master, customers can view their asset through a downloadable App. Login access through a computer is not included but can be achieved on a 'pay-per-ping' basis.


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Fully Installed Traffic Master Cat 5 vehicle GPS tracking device Guildford, Winchester, Portsmouth, Hampshire, Chichester and West Sussex areas.