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We will travel to your door and install vehicle trackers Hampshire, Southampton, Basingstoke, Guildford, New Forest, Chichester and West Sussex areas.

The classifications for these systems can be confusing between the Thatcham Approved devices for Insurance purposes. The Cat 6 is a Category 6 Thatcham Approved product and requires a subscription to a secure monitoring centre to maintain Insurance approval. These centres monitor your asset 24/7 every day of the year and are manned by vetted staff at all times. A Cat 5 (Category 5) system is a higher level of protection. Cat 5 devices are more expensive to install and also cost marginally more to monitor.

Yearly subscriptions for non-insurance car trackers is less expensive as this does not require the manned monitoring station to track vehicles (you do this yourself through a user interface login area). Customers should also understand that they are responsible for the relaying of information to the Police should a vehicle be stolen.

Vehicle GPS Tracking

Devices are also known as vehicle GPS tracking where the Global Positioning System monitors your vehicle via satellite.  This means an installed car device to be located and tracked, giving accurate information on positioning, speed and direction.

These devices do not require any user input once installed and we ensure systems are fitted covertly. The concept of a stealth installation is most understandable with fleet vehicles where drivers may not welcome being tracked, but this is also the case for insurance devices where we cannot allow customers to view the installation. With SmarTrack, details of the installation are given within the commissioning process, so if the device needs to be located or changed, all information can be given to the new installer.


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We provide an expert knowledgeable service and fit vehicle GPS tracking Hampshire, Southampton, Basingstoke, Guildford, New Forest, Chichester and West Sussex areas.