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Viper 5204v car security

Viper 5204v Car Security

0% FinanceThe Viper 5204v car security alarm system replaces the Clifford 520.4x, as all new Directed Electronics products are introduced under the Viper brand. This two-way system will show status of signals on your remote control via light up LEDs.

5204v car security fitted for £649* (see notes below)

We are Clifford Premium Mobile Installers and can install the 5204v car alarm systems Southampton, New Forest, Basingstoke, Guildford, Chichester, West Sussex and Hampshire areas.

Engine Remote Start Vehicle Alarm

Viper premium authorised dealer UKThis is an engine remote start vehicle alarm, fitted at your home or work place. We will travel to you within our service area, and will expertly install this system usually taking about four hours depending on the make and model of vehicle.

This alarm replaces the Clifford 520.4v and comes with two new style two-way remotes. This system is similar to the Viper 5104v and the Viper 5304v with the main difference being seen in the remote controls themselves. The 5204v remotes can receive information from the vehicle shown on LEDs next to functions on the remote, whereas the 5014v can only send signals to the car, and the 5304v has a full LCD screen to detail information received.

Extra remotes can be purchased and programmed to an alarm once the system is disabled and put into ‘Valet’ mode, however only the correct remote can be programmed into the corresponding alarm device. All remotes run on disk type batteries and these can be easily purchased and replaced by customers themselves, as they expire. This is done by using a small flat-head screw driver and locating the slot round the edge of the casing to prise the remote apart.

Engine remote start systems are a Clifford / Viper speciality and the 5204v is an excellent example. This device is highly customisable to individual customer needs with 3 AUX outputs, giving the possibility of convenience features such as window closures and memory on return, turbo timer, boot release, headlights on. All of these features incur extra fitting costs as they require more installation time and may require additional modules.

This system is also designed to work with Clifford SmartStart for an advanced package that can be integrated to work from your smart phone via an App.

Alarms of this type usually take from 4-5 hours, depending on customer requirements, therefore please allow most of the day for installation.

Viper 5204v Features:


We can expertly install all Viper car security Southampton, New Forest, Basingstoke, Guildford, Chichester, West Sussex and Hampshire areas.

* Extra Parts and Labour will incur a reasonable additional charge e.g. transponder bypass module, door motors etc. cost extra.

View the Viper 5304v with LCD screen.

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